Ex_Machina (2015)

The first movie I do a review of for... 6 months! A good reminder of some major questions we shall all ask ourselves nowadays: is interior design and the start-up way of thinking the new fascism? Is data collected by Google dangerous for us, Humans? Is artificial intelligence dangerous too? What is the true behavior … Continue reading Ex_Machina (2015)


Tintoret, Musée du Luxembourg

Details of some paintings of Tintoret, a famous 16th Century painter from Venice, as seen at the temporary exhibition at Musée du Luxembourg in Paris in May18, detail of the "Labyrinthe des amours", 1538-1552,detail of Luc Gassel painting "David et Bethsabée", 1540,detail of "Les vierges sages et les vierges folles", 1533,detail of "Esther devant Assuérus", … Continue reading Tintoret, Musée du Luxembourg